Art is concept in structural form. Structure is defined as the arrangement of and relationship between the parts or elements of something complex. 

I employ scale as illusion in artistic exploration of the complexities of ecological and psychological systems in concept, process, and characteristic. 

Each project is executed under strict guidelines pertaining to materials, color, and tools in emulation of ecosystems. In process I exert pressure growing, tearing, puncturing, covering, cleaving, crushing, removing, and adding material under fluctuating conditions; the work responds to these pressures like that of an evolving organism.

Process shapes structure. Structurally each work identifies ecological elements-- textures, topography, color, and other characteristics. Though the works have characteristics of abstraction each piece is the realistic depiction of alternate or undiscovered elements. 

Reflected in my work are sensuous tensions of the. Pressure. Energy. Growth. Pain. Pleasure. Desire.